Where does the Mets outfield rank in MLB?

Colorado Rockies v New York Mets
Colorado Rockies v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

Somewhat under-the-radar, the New York Mets had one of the best outfield trios in the game last season. Only because of Aaron Judge’s monster season for the New York Yankees will their outfielders rank higher than what the Mets’ group did.

It’s looking like not much will change in 2023 with Brandon Nimmo back, Mark Canha lined up for left field action, and Starling Marte over in right. Jeff McNeil should get the occasional start in a corner spot with Brett Baty looking to sneak into left field regularly at some point.

With the band back together after a brief hiatus, how does the Mets outfield rank compared to the rest of the league?

The Mets have the most complete outfield in the game, but others could be better

The Yankees will definitely challenge the Mets for a better outfield in 2023 thanks to Judge in right field and Harrison Bader in center field. They can only hope to get some sort of regular production from Aaron Hicks as the starting left fielder or find an upgrade before Opening Day.

We can’t expect Judge to smash another 62 home runs. We might also anticipate some regression from Canha and Marte. Let’s call it all even.

Two teams that could surpass the Mets in outfield production next season are within the division. The Atlanta Braves with Michael Harris II in center field and Ronald Acuna in right field have two amazing outfielders. Much like the Yankees, their issues are in left field with Marcell Ozuna remaining present for the time being.

We also have the Philadelphia Phillies to consider. Their situation is a bit different. Bryce Harper will miss time which gives the club a chance to DH Kyle Schwarber and Nick Castellanos more frequently. With Brandon Marsh in center fielder and those two regularly in the corner spots until Harper returns, there is a chance to be completely different than the Mets outfielders yet far more productive at the plate.

One other team to consider in the National League would be the St. Louis Cardinals. They have more outfield options than they have spots on the roster. Many of those players are younger and on the rise. Could they surpass the Mets?

Something the Mets don’t have as much as some of these other teams is the absence of a reliable player. As much as some fans would prefer to see someone other than Canha in left field, he was one of the best at the position as an overall player in 2022. Left fielders are rarely complete players. Canha kind of is with no one skill other than taking one for the team as an elite talent.

I’m sure his body wouldn’t mind a break from this.

The Yankees are a single trade away from differentiating themselves from the Mets for good. Put Bryan Reynolds or even Max Kepler in left field and things change.

Judge is better than any of the Mets outfielders. The three Mets outfielders are better than the other two the Yankees have. It’s hard to say anyone has a better-looking and more complete outfield trio than the Mets do. Nobody is playing out of position. With McNeil as the fourth option, the 29 other clubs will have trouble matching the Amazins.

Let's be bold and honest. They're the best until someone proves they're better.

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