The dream New York Mets Opening Day starting lineup and pitcher

Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets
Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets / Michael Urakami/GettyImages
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4) Batting fourth for the Mets and playing 1B Pete Alonso

I swear this isn’t a lineup projection! We’re going to have some fun later on. Pete Alonso is a top three power hitter in baseball. Only Aaron Judge and Kyle Schwarber might have a better shot at going yard to save someone’s life. The clean-up hitter for the Mets is exactly who it should be in this dream Opening Day lineup.

5) Batting fifth for the Mets and playing 2B Jeff McNeil

Sigh. There really isn’t a perfect place to put Jeff McNeil, is there? Number two works well but it also doesn’t. Having two lefties in a row creates some havoc. On days when Nimmo sits, we should see the reigning NL batting champion higher. He’s not a horrible fit for number five. When Alonso settles with a sacrifice fly to move runners to third and second, McNeil can knock a single to drive them both in.

6) Batting sixth for the Mets as the DH Francisco Alvarez

Did you snap awake? I had the same experience watching the movie Drive with Ryan Gosling. Everyone said it was amazing. It wasn’t. I fell asleep. Then I finally woke up around the 45-minute mark when the guns started-a-blazin’. Francisco Alvarez isn’t going to be in the Mets Opening Day lineup in any way possible. I’m sure of it. In this fantasy, he’s the DH. I haven’t worked out the kinks as to how he can actually fit on the roster without an injury. Let’s have it that the Mets begin the year with a five-man bench for no reason other than to make our dreams come true.