Mets Opening Day starting lineup with Carlos Correa in it

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Billy Eppler had a busier night than a hungry vampire. After a physical that didn’t go the way the San Francisco Giants wanted, Carlos Correa went back on the market but only briefly. Rather than signing the 13-year deal worth $350 million, he lands with the New York Mets in a shocking turn of events. His new contract is reportedly a 12-year contract with $315 million.

The Mets have landed the bat they’ve needed all winter. Correa might tip this offseason into become the best the organization has ever had. They have to play games next. What will the Opening Day lineup look like with this latest addition?

Putting together a Mets Opening Day lineup with Carlos Correa in it

The Mets have some roster changes to make, maybe more so after this deal. Let’s take a crack at what the best lineup they can put together.

Brandon Nimmo, CF
Starling Marte, RF
Francisco Lindor, SS
Pete Alonso, 1B
Carlos Correa, 3B
Jeff McNeil, 2B
Mark Canha, LF
Daniel Vogelbach, DH
Omar Narvaez, C

The lineup isn’t vastly improved with a single player added to the roster. What Correa does do is make Eduardo Escobar expendable via trade and puts a lot less pressure on youngsters Francisco Alvarez and Brett Baty. If the Mets have faith in any of those bats, they could even get regular action as the DH. Escobar, in particular, could be a fit for at-bats there. His flexible history of playing third base and second base might be tempting enough to keep him around. A full year in Triple-A for Baty could be in order before the club decides on his fate.

A power bat is what the Mets needed most this offseason. They won’t get it in Correa. They get more of a complete player. It’s far better than anyone could imagine.

Correa was someone Mets fans were already eyeing last offseason in an absolute pipedream. Days before Christmas yet well before many of us began our shopping, we got one gift we thought was no longer left on the shelves.

He's not Turbo Man. He's Carlos Correa.

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