The case for and against including Tylor Megill on the Opening Day roster

Tylor Megill - Milwaukee Brewers v New York Mets
Tylor Megill - Milwaukee Brewers v New York Mets / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

The New York Mets started this offseason with a busy agenda trying to address different needs from the team roster. One thing the Mets did in a big way includes acquiring enough depth in the starting rotation to have plenty of options in the case of rest or injuries of their starters.

But as we already know, the Opening Day roster restricts the number of players a team can carry. This affects several players including Tylor Megill. For this reason, we analyze the pros and cons of Megill to make the team on opening day.

The case for including Tylor Megill on the Mets Opening Day roster

Of all the non-starters pitchers on the Mets roster, the one with the best stuff is probably Tylor Megill, especially after what we saw from him at the start of last season. 

Megill increased his fastball velocity to an average of 95.7 MPH last year, with some games topping 99 MPH. Likewise, he showed a substantial improvement in his slider, increasing his spin rate movement by more than 200 points and causing the opposition to hit just .061 with an SLG of just .152. This pitch turned out to be the one that generated the biggest swing and miss, followed by his fastball.

That stuff got him off to a near-flawless start to the season, going 4-0 with a 1.93 ERA in April before leaving for the IL with a shoulder strain. A healthy Megill can give the Mets a 6th starter with bullpen potential as both a long and occasional reliever to his potential and youth, a role he served in college.

The case against Tylor Megill on the Mets Opening Day roster

While Megill's stuff is great, other points that come up in his short career may affect his tenure in the Mets' bullpen heading into Opening Day. His health and minor league options can be two reasons why Megill can be out of the roster to begin next season.

After starting the year with an impeccable record, Megill posted an ERA over 11.00 in four outings before going down at IL with a biceps strain that resulted in a shoulder strain. In the form of speculation, it was argued that the excessive increase in his fastball could cause the problem that kept him away from the mound for several months. If Megill wants to make the Opening Day roster, he must show he can stay healthy.

Another aspect that plays against Tylor to start in the major leagues this 2023 is his minor league options. Megill leads David Peterson 3-2 in these options. This gives the team a reason to start the year with just one long reliever and use Megill later in case of spot starts or injuries.

In any case, a healthy Megill either early or in the middle of next season, in the rotation or in the bullpen, will be a big help to the Mets in their quest for a spot in the postseason. His stuff and potential will provide the team with a young arm capable of generating good numbers in 2023.

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