3 options to replace Mark Vientos if he fails to make the Opening Day roster cut

The Mets don't have too many solid alternatives.

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3) J.D. Martinez

Ah, yes. The roster replacement most people will accept comes from outside of the organization. Mets fans' fingers are turning blue with how long and tight they’ve been crossed hoping to see a tweet about the team coming to an agreement with free agent J.D. Martinez. 

If the Mets are going to replace Vientos on the roster, the only person who really makes much sense at all is an outsider. Here’s looking at you, J.D.

The Mets already balked at the idea of signing the other J.D., Mr. J.D. Davis. Viewed by some as a better fit because he can play the field, it was never happening. That bridge was burned with the organization. Worst of all, the same situation he was unhappy with prior would’ve happened again.

Rumors of the Mets liking Martinez and vice versa continue on. David Stearns publicly postures saying the Mets will have Brett Baty at third base and Mark Vientos at the DH spot. Stearns has, if nothing else, been honest with the fans even if he has kept secrets from us.

Pulling the plug on Vientos this early has consequences. Down to his final minor league option, the Mets must find out this year if he is a part of the future or not. Likely no regardless of the outcome of the year. His presence on the major league roster this year is probably far more about increasing a deadening trade value.

Opening Day is creeping up. Vientos is striking out, not hitting for average, and occasionally hitting a missile. This is who he is. Accept it or pay Martinez to replace him.