3 options to replace Mark Vientos if he fails to make the Opening Day roster cut

The Mets don't have too many solid alternatives.
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2) Zack Short

The Mets have plenty of infielders in camp this spring, but the one whom they could look at to potentially take a roster spot over Vientos is Zack Short. His age, positional versatility, and solid spring numbers to go along with a presence on the 40-man roster could place him even ahead of Jose Iglesias who has had a much better preseason. Could the Mets do something ridiculous and choose a guy who hit .195 in the minors last year and .204 in the majors to replace the player they’ve been pitching as the DH all winter long?

Short remaining with the Mets this long is a bit suspicious. He seemed to be Joey Wendle insurance in case the veteran infielder went down with an injury. Carrying both on the Opening Day roster is inconceivable unless the Mets throw the “he needs to work on his defense” defense at us with Vientos.

We can even throw Rylan Bannon into this mix although taking a look at his defensive numbers at third base, we’d never want him there. He’s a bit more intriguing of an option than short. However, as a minor league free agent signing, The Mets might first want to see what Short can do.

As well as the Mets did adding infield depth this winter, no one has a particularly high ceiling. Iglesias is what he is. Yolmer Sanchez, too. Bannon should only get promoted if the Mets specifically need a second baseman. As for Short, he’s an unappealing alternative. The team would be better off letting Vientos struggle for a month at the big leagues than choosing any of the other infield choices.