3 options to replace Mark Vientos if he fails to make the Opening Day roster cut

The Mets don't have too many solid alternatives.

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There was never much thought about Mark Vientos failing to make the New York Mets Opening Day roster. Moreover, the debate was whether or not it was the correct decision. A rough spring with some home runs but also a lot of strikeouts now has fans wondering what the alternatives are.

Facing another debate with the future of DJ Stewart as well, some of these same players could be potential roster replacements for the left-handed hitting outfielder, too. One of the two, Vientos or Stewart, should secure a roster spot. The other, unfortunately, looks destined to get sent to Triple-A.

Sticking strictly with Vientos, the Mets are limited with these choices as the most reasonable ones.

1) Ji-Man Choi

A lot has been said about the spring Ji-Man Choi has had. While the numbers have faded after an early performance that more justified carrying him on the Opening Day roster, the thought remains that if the Mets don’t add him he could opt out of his deal and leave.

Picturing Choi last the full season on the Mets roster is difficult given the positional limitations. As a left-handed hitting first baseman, there really isn’t much of a need for him whatsoever outside of at-bats as the team’s DH. He could share a roster with Stewart because of the latter’s ability to play the corner outfield and first base. Vientos, while labeled a third baseman, isn’t one.

Choi over Vientos does make the Mets a little extra left-handed down the depth chart. The bench could include him or Stewart plus Joey Wendle and backup catcher Omar Narvaez all swinging from that side of the plate. How much does this type of balance matter?

Due to this, Choi remains a best fit to replace Stewart. What about a fellow right-handed hitting infielder?