The biggest Mets Opening Day roster decisions to follow this spring

New York Mets v New York Yankees
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Just a few weeks from the start of the Spring Training, the New York Mets roster seems nearly done after a busy and entertaining offseason. From the signing of Verlander to Carlos Correa's Saga, Mets fans should be very pleased about what this front office has done to the roster, consolidating a better overall roster.

Now there remain a few questions the front office should have to answer, in the coming weeks, regarding the opening day roster. In this sense, three aspects stand out in view that turn out important.

1) What should the Mets do with Brett Baty?

As soon as the signing of Correa fell apart, it started the conversation of whatever the Mets should do with the 3B. Primarily after Eduardo Escobar's performance was a disappointment for the team in 2022.

The Mets can take three courses concerning Baty. First, use him and Escobar in a platoon at 3B. Second, give him the position from the opening day while using Escobar as a utility infielder and DH, or leave Baty in the minors for a few weeks.

Using a top prospect in a platoon to play part-time could be a bad call and a setback to his development. That leaves us with two options, give him the position from day one or send him to the minors to continue his development.

As a fan, we always want to see a top prospect like Baty crushing balls in the big leagues, but the Mets don't need to work with a sense of urgency here. The Mets have the depth to cover the position and they should try to see if Escobar can produce more now without the shift. Then, they can call up Baty in a month or so and give him the position if Escobar starts slow.

This type of decision can be good in many ways. The team can take the pressure off Baty, gain more service time from him and ensure he continues developing while testing Escobar Of course, this will depend on how Baty performs in Spring Training.