3 likely Opening Day roster complaints many fans will have

Washington Nationals v New York Mets
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3) NY Mets fans will not be happy with the DH situation

There are a lot of things the Mets can do at the DH spot this offseason. Bringing back Daniel Vogelbach on his affordable team option was the logical thing to do. Unless the Mets somehow discover a super-great platoon partner for him, it’s a questionable call due to the lack of options.

Jose Abreu would have been nice, but then the Mets have three first basemen. J.D. Martinez might have already forgotten what a glove looks like yet he may remain one of the best-fitting options out there. Let’s no touch Nelson Cruz.

I do have faith the Mets will give us something better. Some sort of a plan that looks better than the current one will happen even if Vogelbach remains and his right-handed platoon partner is one of the starters at another position. The team just can’t sit around and fail to make any offensive improvement to the roster.

Whatever it is they end up doing, there will be critics. The results of last year’s DH situation from the revolving door early on to how they finished things left us with some doubts.

It does seem like the Mets won’t have a DH situation that’ll satisfy everyone. That’s part of being a major league general manager. You make enemies with the fans more often than please them.

Opening Day can’t get here fast enough.

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