3 likely Opening Day roster complaints many fans will have

Washington Nationals v New York Mets
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2) NY Mets fans will not be happy with the catcher situation

We've all been put on pause with what the catcher position will look like for the Mets next season. The acquisition of Omar Narvaez means someone will be removed from the mix. My growing concern each hour they don't have a conclusion is that James McCann stays and Tomas Nido is gone.

McCann is more than a weak-hitting catcher. He’s also only the second-best at defense. He might be the fourth-best on offense depending on how Francisco Alvarez performs. It’s him, Alvarez, whose abilities are pushing hardest toward the Mets sending McCann away. Carrying three catchers on the roster is not wise in any capacity when you already have two first basemen, Pete Alonso and Daniel Vogelbach. The Atlanta Braves realized this. It’s too limiting. Even if it's McCann who gets traded away, it's beginning to feel like Alvarez is not going to see much action behind the plate.

Fans haven’t been pleased with McCann for much, if any, of his stay in New York. He was the alternative to J.T. Realmuto prior to the 2021 season. While some justified it by saying Realmuto was an overpay, McCann has been a bust of a free agent signing. He has lost playing time to Nido in both of his seasons with the team. Unhealthy for a lot of 2022, fans didn’t seem to mind.

McCann’s presence on the Mets roster is bad in a lot of ways. It either means Nido or Alvarez are gone or the team is carrying three catchers. Neither option is a positive one. Even if we do end up with the Narvaez/Nido tandem, it seems like Alvarez's time to shine may have to wait at least another year. Billy Eppler, what do you have up your sleeve?