Mets Opening Day lineup prediction by Bleacher Report has some concerns

Thankfully, it's only a prediction.
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
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An Opening Day lineup prediction is easy in January. Heck, even mid-December doesn't require a MENSA membership. Bleacher Report put together an Opening Day lineup prediction for every MLB team. What they have for the New York Mets has one big problem.

They do have Yoshinobu Yamamoto on the mound. At DH is Adam Duvall.

But that's it for the welcoming of outsiders. Ronny Mauricio is at second base. Brett Baty covers third base. And Jeff McNeil is out there in left field. How would we feel if this is what actually happens?

The Mets are a bat shy with this lineup prediction

Duvall isn't a bad addition for the Mets. He's actually a really good match. As a DH/outfield option with power, what's not to like?

Where this lineup takes a turn is with Baty and Mauricio in the starting lineup. McNeil in left field seems weak in a class of free agent bats who can really bolster this ball club. We're all rooting for Baty and Mauricio to succeed. Starting the year with both of them in the lineup feels like the Mets ignored what they saw last year completely. Baty was a mess. Mauricio was headed that way in late September.

The prediction doesn't include what the team's bench looks like, but that's not relevant here. Duvall is the most significant bat they add. He should be paired with someone else, not the team's offensive headliner from the winter.

The predicted lineup is realistic to a point. Maybe the Mets do settle on letting Baty play third base and Mauricio gets second. Moving McNeil to left field has appeal if both of the youngsters succeed. What's the backup plan if one doesn't? I'd be curious to know exactly where the Mets could turn with this so-so lineup.

Duvall hasn’t exactly been the healthiest of players over the last two seasons either. Prone to hitting well below the coveted .250 mark as well, it doesn’t seem to be enough when you’re entrusting three young players to get better and Starling Marte to return to form.

If this is the lineup the Mets open the season with, we’re going to have questions.