3 Mets offseason moves we'd be shocked to see

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3. The Mets trade Closer Edwin Diaz

Okay, this move will probably not happen at all, especially with the fact that Edwin Diaz is without a doubt the best closer in all of baseball and how he signed a long-term deal with the Mets for five years. But this one baseball writer from USA Today floated the idea of the Mets cutting ties with the former Seattle Mariner.

Bob Nightengale from USA Today talked about how it should be justified to trade a pitcher like Diaz. Now baseball experts and Mets fans especially don't want to hear it but Nightengale even speaks of the idea he wrote about whether or Diaz can keep the success he had with the Mets when he had 32 saves in 2022 in his 61 games pitched and pitch like that on a consistent basis?

Plus, can he stay healthy in 2024 and more importantly, are the Mets confident that he does not fall off a cliff and struggle like he did in his first couple of seasons in Flushing Queens? It is very hard for a pitcher to pitch like Diaz pitched last season in back-to-back seasons and if the Mets don't feel confident in their chances in 2024 and wish to enter a rebuild and are not 100% in Diaz's ability to pitch like he did in 2022, trading him will definitely get you a lot in return. Again, it is very unlikely but with the way the Mets are heading, anything is possible.