Grading every major Mets move on the road to the 2024 season

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Harrison Bader's signing has multiple important ramifications

The signing of Harrison Bader has multiple factors with positive and negative effects on the Mets organization. First, his contract looks high for someone who finished the 2023 season with offensive production with a terrible OPS+ of 63 and a career average below the league average.

Likewise, his presence on the team limits the improvement that Brandon Nimmo has achieved by playing in the center field in the last two seasons. Likewise, his split numbers versus his right-handed pitchers show worrying offensive production, with a batting average in 2023 of just .207 and a horrendous slugging percentage of .263.

On the other hand, there are some positive aspects to this signing. Bader's defense and speed on the bases stand out with values well above the league average in both categories, giving the Mets elite defensive skills in center field and baserunning, an aspect that has become relevant in the game.

One aspect that would make this signing work out better is if the organization considers using Bader in a platoon role against left-handed pitchers whom he hits for a line of .299/.361/.575/.936. Bader could boost the offense at the bottom of the lineup against LHP, thus enhancing his best abilities on both sides of the ball.

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