Grading every major Mets move on the road to the 2024 season

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The Adrian Houser and Tyrone Taylor trade could pay good dividends this year and in the future

David Stearns made his first trade as the Mets' president of baseball operations with his former organization, the Milwaukee Brewers. In the trade, the Mets sent prospect Coleman Crow, acquired in the trade that sent Eduardo Escobar to the Los Angeles Angels, for pitcher Adrian Houser and outfielder Tyrone Taylor.

In the trade, the Mets get a needed starter with a fifth starter profile but with a good ability to induce ground balls and be an efficient pitcher. Additionally, the team gets a fourth outfielder with good defensive ability and a significant plus of power, something the team lacks. 

This is a trade with multiple impacts on the organization. In Taylor, the Mets get an outfielder with potential, that is controllable beyond the 2024 season. In Houser, a starter capable of consuming a considerable amount of innings and a good exchange chip in a possible active team trade deadline if they do not become competitive by mid-season. 

Both aspects are relevant given the Mets' cost was Coleman Crow, a prospect of average potential, who is recovering from Tommy John surgery. In short, this trade is a good move for the Mets that will have an immediate positive impact on the field.

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