Grading every major Mets move on the road to the 2024 season

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Luis Severino could be the best move made by the Mets this offseason

Luis Severino is one of the most intriguing signings this offseason by the Mets. The former New York Yankees starter is coming off a disastrous season with the Bronx team, where he posted an ERA of 6.65 in 8 outings with a worrying WHIP of 1.65.

Despite the regression presented in 2023 and his health problems, some factors serve as a basis for having high expectations with Severino. Some aspects of its poor performance are largely due to mechanical and location issues.

Indeed, his fastball continues to demonstrate an elite level of velocity with an average of 96.5 mph, at which, before the 2023 season, opponents were hitting for an average below .200. However, breaking pitches, including his slider, which has been historically important in his arsenal due to its ability to generate high vertical and horizontal movements, have resulted in severe damage to the results obtained last season.

Severino has been working on his mechanics, on corrections to avoid tipping pitches, and working on his delivery this offseason with Driveline Baseball, which can lead to positive results. With the type of financial commitment made with Severino, the Mets have achieved a move that can pay high dividends in 2024.

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