Grading every major Mets move on the road to the 2024 season

New York Mets Workout
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The hiring of Carlos Mendoza and the movements in the rest of the coaching staff

A sleeper move this offseason for the Mets is the hiring of Carlos Mendoza. The former New York Yankees bench coach under Aaron Boone is a rising star in Major League Baseball's clubhouses.

Boone described Mendoza as "He's the total package, man. He's the real deal. He's smart, tough, prepared, and works hard. He's grown on the job and earned this opportunity." Mendoza's effect and potential with the team and impact on a different Mets roster remain to be seen. 

However, a part of the Mets' plan regarding clubhouse leaders and commanders is due to the change in Eric Chavez's job duties. After spending a year as Buck Showalter's bench coach, Chavez returns as the team's co-hitting coach. A move of this magnitude is significantly relevant to the Mets lineup for one fundamental reason.

During the time that Chavez remained as the team's hitting coach, the Mets' offensive roster managed to be one of the best in all of baseball, leading in the top of the main offensive categories in the 2022 season. After this, the team went through a major offensive debacle that represented one of the most serious problems for the team last season.

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