3 negligent Mets offseason decisions the team is paying for right now

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Mets
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2) The NY Mets neglected to build anything close to a competent bullpen

The DH situation is bad but far more fixable because of how anyone is capable of playing it. The Mets could even strike up a trade, make a waiver claim, or sign a fallen free agent like Luke Voit and attempt to solve the problem that way. Nothing they can do now will compare to any of those offseason options.

An area they’ll have much less luck at improving is the bullpen. Every team out there wants the best bullpen arms they can get and the battle to acquire them is the feistiest of all. Barbed wire boxing gloves won’t help the Mets win this fight.

The Mets did a decent job in the offseason at adding depth, however, several preseason injuries hurt them here. Would Bryce Montes de Oca or Sam Coonrod have made much of a difference?

Losing Edwin Diaz definitely hurt as it took away David Robertson from being able to work earlier innings. That’s not where the negligence took place. The Mets were bound to begin the season with at least a few lackluster relievers. Guys like Tommy Hunter and Stephen Nogosek have already been DFA’d while Dominic Leone, a player they picked up after the season began, lingers awaiting his own inevitable demise.

The Mets had a goal of adding optional relievers in the offseason which completely backfired on them when the season began and they only had Drew Smith and John Curtiss fitting this description. One quality reliever like Andrew Chafin or Matt Moore wouldn’t have made an incredible difference in the standings. Still, it’s excruciating to see the Mets routinely calling upon the same mop-up guys on a daily basis to get them through crucial games they still have a chance to win.