3 Mets offseason concerns we already have

Wild Card Series - San Diego Padres v New York Mets - Game Two
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3) Building a bullpen through free agency in one offseason is tough

Diaz is the big name but Seth Lugo, Trevor May, Trevor Williams, and Adam Ottavino also see themselves become available this offseason. The Mets could always re-sign one or two or maybe even three of them. They’re going to need to or at least find suitable replacements. It doesn’t seem like any answers are coming up from the minor leagues.

Building a bullpen in free agency or with the help of some trades is tough to do in a single offseason. Even the greatest general manager in the world with unlimited resources will miss. Relief pitchers are the ultimate crapshoot in sports.

The Mets already had some questions in their bullpen. They can no longer ignore the lack of a lefty reliever they can rely on. Along with replacing each of their free agent relievers or inviting them back, the Mets need to add to their relief corps.

Bullpens can make or break a team. It wasn’t the ultimate decider for the 2022 team. Whether we look at the regular season or the postseason, the Mets failed because their starters came up short and the bats went into silent mode.

Keeping a strong rotation and also improving the offense are a top priority. At the same time, the Mets cannot ignore their bullpen.

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