Noah Syndergaard left the door open only a crack to return to the Mets

Miami Marlins v New York Mets - Game Two
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On your way out, you should never burn bridges. I know we have all had those jobs in life where on our last day we’d love to have a Scarface from Half Baked quitting moment. But it’s not a professional way to leave any relationship. Noah Syndergaard might not have had the classiest exists from the New York Mets but he did leave the door cracked for a possible reunion after 2022.

Noah Syndergaard didn’t burn bridges with the Mets but he set up some dynamite

Syndergaard is easy to love and hate at the same time. If only there was a filter on him that maybe made an appearance one out of every ten times he speaks or posts on social media I think he might be the coolest athlete out there.

Unfortunately, no such filter exists on the self-proclaimed mighty Thor. He’s not afraid to push boundaries or buttons. He tells it like it is, sometimes with a little too much public honesty.

In an explanation as to why he left the Mets, Syndergaard cited a lack of structure as one reason for leaving. The Mets are completely overhauling their front office and coaching staff this winter. The uncertainty with it left Syndergaard feeling like it was time to move on and find a more stable place. We can question whether or not the Los Angeles Angels can actually provide such a haven.

Reading between the lines, Syndergaard didn’t seem too happy with his final days in New York. In fact, we can go back a couple of years and always find something he didn’t like. He wasn't happy with the medical staff, the catcher, or any of the trade rumors involving his name.

Some think Syndergaard whined too much. Others believe it was his ego. He’s a millionaire athlete. Who wouldn’t demand everything go their way under those circumstances?

Syndergaard was always a bigger name than a player. I respect what he did on the field and nobody can question how much raw talent is present. The knock against him has always been the inability to stay on the field. The biggest flaw any athlete can have, it made the end of this relationship between him and the Mets a much easier pill to swallow.

The relationship between Syndergaard and the Mets isn’t completely burnt to the ground. He didn’t go out guns-a-blazin’. After all, he’s on a “prove it” contract with the Angels this winter. Leaving nothing but charred remains is a bad look for anyone who knows they’ll need a new job a year from now.

I’m sure we’ll find out all of the stories one day in a book Syndergaard will most definitely ghostwrite when his career is over. As unlikely as it is, the final chapters could include more about the Mets.

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