5 no-brainer Mets roster decisions to make this offseason

It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to know the Mets should make these offseason roster decisions.
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3) It’s a no-brainer for the NY Mets to say goodbye to Daniel Vogelbach

The Mets already said goodbye to most of their free agents at the trade deadline. Daniel Vogelbach is one they can non-tender this offseason. His contract situation was a bit unique and included an option for the 2023 season. He does still have a year of arbitration eligibility. His 2023 performance and abilities make it a no-brainer decision to move on.

Vogelbach was never an exceptional fit for the Mets and maybe not for all that many teams. A first baseman who doesn’t play the field, can only hit against right-handed pitchers, and struggles to run the bases isn’t in high-demand.

The Mets do have a few other no-brainer players to let leave. Carlos Carrasco is a pending free agent who has pitched his way out of Queens and maybe even into retirement. At a low rate, some team might take a chance on him. It shouldn’t be the blue and orange.

There is some slight irony in how these two players with options managed to struggle so mightily in 2023. They’ve taken turns as the scapegoat for the offense and starting pitching weaknesses. A large part of the blame comes down due to the warning signs already there. The Mets got bit by keeping both around.