5 no-brainer Mets roster decisions to make this offseason

It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to know the Mets should make these offseason roster decisions.
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It doesn’t take years of sitting in a general manager’s chair to know these New York Mets roster decisions are the direction to go. Every fan can plainly see how vital it is for the club to welcome, part ways with, and continue relationships by making these five no-brainer roster decisions in the offseason.

1) It’s a no-brainer for the NY Mets to extend Pete Alonso

If Avril Lavigne was starting her career today, we’d swear Sk8er Boi was about the Mets needing to extend Pete Alonso. Could anything be any more obvious?

Talks of possibly trading Alonso this year seemed to creep up out of nowhere. The legitimacy seems to be there, however, exactly how close the Mets ever got to dealing away their star first baseman is up for debate.

Cooler heads have prevailed. After an incredibly negative response from the fans at the mere thought of selling Alonso, it does appear those rumors have been tossed in the trash alongside the pamphlets we find in our mailbox we swear were sent from a cult. Seriously. Try Googling the return address. You’ll find an empty lot sometimes.

What isn’t empty is what Alonso brings to the Mets. His power and run production are among the best in baseball. Even in a year where he doesn’t hit for a high average, the Polar Bear contributes in major ways. He’s what this lineup needs in the center of it and not just in 2024.

Alonso at least seems to enjoy being a member of the Mets. The two sides need to work it out. Nobody wants to head into next year unsure of what the following season will hold.