The next 3 Mets players who could lose their 40-man roster spot

These three Mets are in danger of losing their 40-man roster spot.
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When the Jake Diekman and Shintaro Fujinami signings become official, the New York Mets will need to boot two players from their 40-man roster to clear space. The lunch table is crowded right now with every spot filled.

Interestingly, the Mets have continued to choose to DFA position players over pitchers for much of the winter even while adding arms. It won’t continue in this case. Zack Short is the only position player left to DFA and his survival this long might be an indication of the Mets keeping him around in case of an injury.

So who’s in more danger of getting pushed off the 40-man roster ledge? 

3) Reed Garrett

Only available minor league options make Reed Garrett an optimal pitcher to bury on the 40-man roster. His 5.82 ERA in 9 appearances for the Mets last year wasn’t nearly enough to make him a true contender to stick with the team in 2024. Already 31, he falls behind younger and optional pitchers Grant Hartwig and Josh Walker. Walker also has the advantage of throwing left-handed within an organization who could use the extra southpaw just in case.

Garrett was a waiver claim by the Mets last summer. They sniped him away from the Baltimore Orioles. His tenure was mostly forgettable. Not one of the first casualties from the hand grenade thrown by David Stearns upon taking over in the front office, it does seem like only a matter of time before one of his choices passes Garrett by.

DFA’ing Garrett would be about skill and what he can give the Mets moving forward. He could conceivably remain with the team until Opening Day, but getting outshined by anyone even once the regular season starts should put him a little closer to waivers.