Every free agent in the top 50 MLB Trade Rumors predicts the Mets will sign

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MLB free agency is underway. Over at MLB Trade Rumors, the predictions are in. Steve Adams, Tim Dierkes, Anthony Franco, and Darragh McDonald went through their list of the top 50 MLB free agents and each made a prediction as to where he will sign. This offseason is a big one for the New York Mets. With many free agents of their own, the team will also be looking to bring in some new faces.

Which free agents do these four have going to the Mets?

NY Mets free agent target Carlos Rodon: 2 out of 4

Two out of the four predictors have Carlos Rodon signing with the Mets. He’d be an obvious candidate to take over a role in the rotation if Jacob deGrom leaves. Speaking of which, where does the longtime Mets ace land?

NY Mets free agent target Jacob deGrom: 1 out of 4

Only one of the four predict Jacob deGrom will return to the Mets. The Texas Rangers are the favorite with two predictions. The St. Louis Cardinals got the other.

NY Mets free agent target Brandon Nimmo: 2 out of 4

Another now former Met, Brandon Nimmo received two predictions to return to New York. The other destinations are the Houston Astros and San Francisco Giants.

NY Mets free agent target Andrew Heaney: 2 out of 4

This is a bit underwhelming. While Andrew Heaney could be a back-of-the-rotation piece for the club to sign, he falls well below our expectations. Two out of the four predict the Mets do sign him. Paired with deGrom or Rodon, I suppose it can work.

NY Mets free agent target Nathan Eovaldi: 1 out of 4

Someone many fans probably haven’t considered yet is free agent pitcher Nathan Eovaldi. He does have an impressive playoff pedigree. One out of the four believe he’s bound for Flushing.

NY Mets free agent target Jose Quintana: 1 out of 4

Another one out of four prediction goes to starting pitcher Jose Quintana. Once someone we would have loved to see fall into this rotation, he’s a bit up there in age. However, he did have a strong 2022 season with the Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals. Again, he wouldn’t be a bad fifth starter at all.

NY Mets free agent target Michael Wacha: 1 out of 4

No thanks. We saw Michael Wacha with the Mets in 2020. He wasn’t that good. Wacha did have a nice season with the Boston Red Sox last year. Because all four are predicting different teams, this might just be a “shot in the dark” prediction. I can’t see the Mets reuniting with him.

NY Mets free agent target David Robertson: 2 out of 4

Two out of the four predict the Mets sign David Robertson. This is pretty exciting. Considering the other two predictions have him going to the Kansas City Royals or Colorado Rockies, one would have to think the Mets have a much better shot.

NY Mets free agent target Chris Martin: 1 out of 4

Our final free agent with a prediction to land with the Mets is Chris Martin. He has been a bit absent in the minds of most fans as a suitable target. As a sixth-inning guy or so, the Mets should take a shot at him. They have a lot of empty spots in the bullpen to consider.

How accurate will these predictions be? Let’s say the Mets do successfully sign each player with two predictions. This has them adding Rodon, Nimmo, Heaney, and Robertson from the list of top 50 MLB free agents.

It feels like they’d need to do a lot more.

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