3 Mets news stories we hope to see this summer, 2 disastrous ones they can skip

New York Mets v Detroit Tigers - Game Two
New York Mets v Detroit Tigers - Game Two / Duane Burleson/GettyImages
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NY Mets news story we hope to avoid: Held back by injuries

Those are the news stories we’d like to see. The ones we’d like to avoid aren’t much different from any other year. The difference between 2023 and past seasons is the Mets came into this year hyped up with the largest payroll in MLB history. And if it all sinks because of injuries, we’ll have no one to really blame.

Injuries will harm every team throughout a season. The Mets have had their share this season. Justin Verlander began the season on the IL. We haven’t even seen Jose Quintana. They’re currently working without Pete Alonso for probably close to a month by the time he does get back.

We can blame the manager for making bonehead mistakes. The general manager can get ripped for adding inferior talent. It’s those injuries that become the biggest pests of all.

The Mets were willing to open the year with an older roster. The injury concerns were always there. Careful to avoid this becoming a major story for them thus far in 2023, it does remain a worry.

If the Mets are able to pull themselves together but an injury dooms them, it’ll be the ultimate insult. It’s troubling for them to be this far behind so early in the year because it could mean players trying to work through some pain. That never seems to work in the end. Hold your breath and hope no one misses a Pilates class.