Why Steve Cohen doesn't deserve any of the blame

Fans cheer as Mets owner Steve Cohen makes his way through the crowd prior to the unveiling of the
Fans cheer as Mets owner Steve Cohen makes his way through the crowd prior to the unveiling of the / Frank Becerra Jr. / The Journal News /

Steve Cohen and the New York Mets agreed to a 12-year, $315 million contract with star player Carlos Correa on December 21st, and Mets fans everywhere got excited. Correa signed a deal with the San Francisco Giants about eight days before that, but that deal fell through because of concerns the Giants had with Correa's ankle, which he had surgery on back in 2014.

Correa's agent, Scott Boras, and Cohen have a good relationship, so once the Giants deal was in limbo, Cohen jumped all over it. He and Boras agreed to the deal; however, shortly after, the Mets showed concerns with Correa's physical and, specifically, that same ankle the Giants had problems over.

For about the last three weeks, the Mets and Scott Boras have been trying to work on a deal that would work for both, but ultimately Cohen and the Mets decided it wasn't worth the risk and let Correa sign a 6-year $200 million contract with the Minnesota Twins with options to reach $270 million.

Mets fans should not feel disappointed by Steve Cohen

Even though Mets fans got excited about having Carlos Correa playing thrd base for the foreseeable future, we shouldn't be upset at Cohen. When I discovered that we signed Correa, I couldn't stop smiling. I thought he was a game-changer for this team, and the lineup would be much better with him than without him. But when we look at it in the grand scheme of things, we shouldn't even have been in on Correa if it wasn't for the Giants' concerns.

Before Correa was even a possibility, the Mets have had a great offseason. They have significantly improved their starting rotation and bullpen and are World Series contenders with or without Correa. He was a luxury at the time, and even though we all wanted him to be a part of this team, the Mets will be okay without him.

People also must remember that Steve Cohen is a smart businessman. If he felt that Correa would have been a bad investment for years to come, then we have to accept that. There is also a good chance that Cohen and the Mets are thinking about next offseason, in which San Diego Padres third baseman Manny Machado can opt out of his current deal and become a free agent and he will definitely be on the Mets' radar.

If anyone should look bad from this whole situation, I believe it is Scott Boras. Boras is famous for getting the most money for his clients and being a little sneaky in his negationationas. After all this time with the Giants and now the Mets, Correa took a deal with the Twins with fewer years and total money than Boras and Correa wanted.

Mets fans are lucky to have an owner like Steve Cohen, and even though you can feel a little sad about not getting Correa, we should have all the most trust and faith in Cohen as he will continue to do what's necessary to have this team be a World Series contender.

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