Ronny Mauricio denies the story of why he was playing Winter Ball

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game Two
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game Two / Adam Hunger/GettyImages

Mike Puma of the NY Post recently shared the upsetting reason why Ronny Mauricio was playing in Winter Ball. Unfortunate financial circumstances led him to go against the request of the New York Mets to wait until at least January to participate.

Mauricio’s financial troubles came due to an agent and family members taking advantage of the original $2.1 million signing bonus he received as a teenager. As Hector Gomez shared and translated, Mauricio has since denied details of the story.

At least a part of the Ronny Mauricio story may be false according to the subject

Denying the story doesn’t necessarily mean the report is completely bogus There are a lot of details. If even one was incorrect, such as maybe his family wasn’t the villain, Mauricio would be wise to clear it up.

It’s also possible that the Mets’ request for him to wait to play Winter Ball until January was the untrue part of the story. For it to be completely inaccurate would come as a shock. It’s just too detailed of a story from Puma for everything to be fabricated, whether he realized it or not. In either case, a little privacy for him is the next step to take.

What we know as fact is his torn ACL has put the Mets in a bit of a bind. Originally thought of as a third base option and perhaps more for the team in 2024, the ball club now needs to reassemble itself and figure out if the roster replacement for him is already there. Brett Baty and Mark Vientos should share the bulk of playing time at third base with lots of Joey Wendle sprinkled in for good measure, maybe even more than Wendle.

Back in December, Mets rumors of them looking to add an infielder had everyone’s minds pivoting toward Justin Turner as the DH and occasional third baseman. Although still an option, newer reports of the team possibly turning their sole focus to bullpen help has turned him into an afterthought.

As for Mauricio, he has a long recovery ahead of him. We’re all hoping for a full physical recovery. And as he even states himself, a mental one as well.