Mets News: Don’t be like the Rays, David Wright on David Stearns, Francisco Lindor believes

Feb 19, 2024; Port St. Lucie, FL, USA; New York Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor (12) takes the field
Feb 19, 2024; Port St. Lucie, FL, USA; New York Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor (12) takes the field / Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports

Former New York Mets General Manager Zack Scott is a wealth of baseball insight. He’s spilling the beans about his time in MLB front offices, unafraid to let us be an after-the-fact fly on the wall to some private conversations. He’s not burning any bridges in the process. What he has done on a regular basis over the last few months is let us see what it takes to run a baseball team.

One of his latest tweets gave us a look into a conversation he had with Steve Cohen about a desire to be more like the Tampa Bay Rays and why it never happened.

The fleeting thought of operating more like Tampa Bay was quickly shot down by Cohen once he realized the uniqueness of their process. The Rays operate intelligently. Smarts, however, have yet to get them a championship. Taking a little bit of what they do is fine. Cohen, with his financial weapon, shouldn’t need to go there.

A mix of Rays and Los Angeles Dodgers might actually be a better way to describe the direction the Mets are now headed. The small market success of David Stearns paired with Cohen’s cash is deadly.

Speaking of David Stearns, David Wright had a lot of praise for him

An annual tradition Mets fans look forward to is seeing David Wright in St. Lucie. His involvement with the organization post-playing career hasn’t expanded much beyond a few spring training appearances. Yesterday, he spoke glowingly about the team’s President of Baseball Operations.

Wright is more than just a mascot for the Mets. As he has in the past, he’s willing to help the current players, too. 

As the father of young kids who seems to really enjoy being with his family, the spring is likely to remain where we see Wright most. In the future, a more elevated role within the organization feels like a must.

Francisco Lindor believes in the Mets

Shortstop Francisco Lindor chatted with Jon Heyman and Joel Sherman of the NY Post and indicated that he believes in this year’s Mets team despite being less flashy.

The ultra-positive messaging from Lindor is no surprise. He has publicly bought into everything the Mets have done this offseason. His growth and maturity since 2021 has continued with the leading personality trait being how unmovably optimistic he is at every corner.

Maybe one day Lindor and Zack Scott can honestly talk about the 2021 season a little more candidly. A messy year where we saw a different version of Lindor as a player and person, it would be amazing to learn at what moment he decided to change.