Pete Alonso extension isn't happening, Evan Roberts is on a destructive path to become Tormund Giantsbane

This is why you don't include your beard in any bets.
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game Two
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game Two / Adam Hunger/GettyImages

WFAN host Evan Roberts made the biggest mistake he could’ve possibly made. He isn’t shaving his beard until the New York Mets sign Pete Alonso to a contract extension. You can see what his beard looks like in this clip of the afternoon drive show talking about the upcoming Alex Rodriguez Appreciation Day:

Roberts is doomed. The Alonso extension isn’t happening. David Stearns confirmed it.

How does the Pete Alonso extension storyline end?

Scott Boras clients don’t sign extensions, eh? FanSided’s Zach Rotman quickly pointed out how the timing of such a statement doesn’t exactly fit the narrative.

The word “generally” safeguards Stearns from a self-fulfilling prophecy. Extension talks between the two sides seem to have been quiet with Stearns passing the blame over to Scott Boras. Surely a frustrating agent to deal with because of his reputation, the Alonso extension saga is going to be a frustrating one for Mets fans to deal with.

Nobody has lost more with this latest update than Roberts—or maybe his wife and children who feel the other end of his beard. The payoff for this radio bit was likely intended to come to a conclusion in March. It doesn’t seem the Mets are ready to spend much of anything more than they have to.

The chess match is one and as one Twitter user pointed out, the Mets have a secret weapon.

How valuable is this qualifying offer? It’s one of the reasons why Blake Snell, Matt Chapman, and Cody Bellinger remain unsigned. In fact, it’s probably just as much the reason as their asking price. All three were a match for the Mets at the start of the offseason. Rumors never got off the ground and were never anything more than speculation. The Mets are in a more unique situation than some other clubs, however. Because of how much they spent, the penalty for signing a qualifying offer player was far more.

We all like to think Alonso could follow the same path as Brandon Nimmo and re-sign with the team after hitting the open market. The big danger right now would be for the Mets to play so poorly that he ends up traded. Once traded, the qualifying offer is no longer available for his new club and especially not the Mets.

Would he return? He’s a human and never getting the extension offer from the front office might be enough to have him favor a different destination. We’ll see.

What we do know is Evan Roberts is on a path to not only looking like Tormund Giantsbane, but also one which will have him behave like the manic Wildling. You’re going to go insane hoping an Alonso extension happens. At least Stearns was upfront with us all in revealing he’s as pessimistic as anyone.