Padres announcers would prefer to play the Cardinals over the Mets

San Diego Padres v New York Mets
San Diego Padres v New York Mets / Adam Hunger/GettyImages

There’s still a slim chance it’s not the New York Mets versus the San Diego Padres to open up the wild card action. The Philadelphia Phillies could still catch the Padres and the Mets could overtake the Atlanta Braves. It would take a lot of winning and just as much losing in order for things to change.

As frightening as the idea of playing the Padres should be for the Mets, the broadcasters in San Diego aren’t so thrilled with the idea of coming to New York either.

Why the Mets are still a team others should fear in the postseason

We’re all feeling like the weather this week. The Mets let out a stinker over the weekend against the Braves—three, in fact.

Getting swept against your biggest foe with the division on the line and a ton at stake stings. And as much as it hurts, it ain’t over yet.

The Padres announcers apparently realize this as well. If Philadelphia can catch them, the Padres drop a spot in the National League playoff bracket and would instead head to play the St. Louis Cardinals. A talented team themselves, they don’t seem to strike nearly as much fear as the Mets can on paper.

That’s the thing about the 2022 Mets. They are a very good bunch when you look at the names they have. As great as Jordan Montgomery has been for the Cardinals since the trade deadline, who would choose him over Jacob deGrom or Max Scherzer in a big game?

The Mets were built for the postseason and to win short series. Although deGrom and Scherzer weren’t their sharpest over the weekend, neither completely laid an egg. A little help from the offense and the story is vastly different.

We might have our own fears of going against Yu Darvish who has owned the Mets. Blake Snell, a lefty, has turned things around for the Padres, too. Let’s not forget Joe Musgrove either who could easily shut down the Mets if he’s at his best.

A potential Mets vs. Padres series to open up each club’s trip to the postseason this year will have plenty of intrigue as each has a deep rotation and a lineup that regularly underperforms. It’ll also surely include plenty of highlights of Bartolo Colon hitting his home run out in San Diego. What’s not to love? We can only hope the Padres are as eager to avoid playing the Mets as the broadcasters seem to be.

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