No words for Noah Syndergaard who has all of the wrong words

Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies
Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Noah Syndergaard and the Philadelphia Phillies play each other this weekend—but you already know that. As a New York Mets fan, you’re probably also a little disgusted by it, too.

Syndergaard is the most recent Mets pitcher to start a playoff game for the club. He has the W on the team’s most recent World Series victory. But now an enemy of the Mets, he never seems to know when to stop yapping.

Naturally, with his first return to Citi Field since leaving the Mets in the offseason, microphones couldn’t get enough of him. As expected, Syndergaard chose to be less nostalgic and by-the-book and something closer to passive-aggressive.

Is Noah Syndergaard the greatest Mets villain in the league right now?

Most of what we’ve heard about Syndergaard this year is about his fighting words hurled at the Mets. Back when Reid Detmers threw a complete game no-hitter for the Los Angeles Angels, Syndergaard officially put on the black trunks by commenting that what his now former teammate did was what a “real no-hitter” looks like.

It was an obvious jab at Tylor Megill and the other Mets pitchers who combined to toss a no-no only a few weeks earlier. This created a nice C-story on the season in anticipation for when the Mets would meet the Angels in Los Angeles.

Of course, Syndergaard skipped his start rather than face his former team. He won’t be pitching this weekend either but could be in line to face the Mets later this month in Philadelphia.

Syndergaard is a unique personality in the sport. As much as he rubs some fans the wrong way, it’s kind of fun to have someone with character. He was probably always a baseball heel anyway. But because he represented the Mets, fans in Flushing never realized it.

His presence in the National League East could certainly set up for some interesting battles down the stretch and possibly even into the postseason if the two clubs meet in October.

In another life, Syndergaard is a professional wrestler who takes on the gimmick Edge had for many years during his peak days with the WWE. He has the looks, the insults, and the brazen attitude that can help make him a long-lasting Mets enemy, now a little closer in Philadelphia.

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