MLB insider calls out the Mets as an "aging" and "fourth-place team"

How out of bounds is Jim Bowden with these comments?
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game One
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game One / Adam Hunger/GettyImages

Jim Bowden is everywhere these days. The MLB offseason is his time to shine. During a recent appearance on the Foul Territory show, Bowden had some big things to say about the New York Mets.

Bowden was critical of the moves the Mets failed to make and the choices they ultimately ended up with. His big mistake was not realizing how much Sean Manaea has increased his velocity, a point many Mets fans were eager to point out to him.

Nevertheless, Bowden doesn’t feel too confident in the Mets. His choice of words, referring to them as “aging” is peculiar considering what the team looked like at the start of last year and the projected roster for 2024. Even the relievers they’ve added are much younger than players added to last year’s roster.

Jim Bowden might be right about one thing with the Mets

Sadly, it’s the one place where it matters most that Bowden could be right. The Mets finished in fourth last year. Could they actually do it again?

Even the average Mets fan who may be buying into many of the moves they’ve made probably feels they’re third-place at best. It really comes down to whether or not the Miami Marlins can pull off a few more miracles and win baseball games despite a poor run differential. For as weak of an offseason as the Mets have had, the Marlins have done even less. Trade rumors of them shopping Jesus Luzardo have highlighted their winter. At best, they may end up with Amed Rosario at shortstop or one of the available DHs to give their offense a little more potency after the loss of Jorge Soler who looks destined to go elsewhere.

Bowden has some of the same concerns many Mets fans do. They’ve put all of their trust into uncertainties. Aside from Kodai Senga who has injury concerns of his own that we fortunately never had to witness last year, the rotation doesn’t have an extreme upside. Couple this with a lineup that still has some holes in it and a bullpen of cast-offs without minor league options (a complaint for another day) and the Mets don’t look quite assured finishing fourth in the division.

Finishing fourth in the National League East is irrelevant any way. You can still make the playoffs doing it. Even second-place can lead to a dismissal from the year.

The Mets have had a disappointing offseason, but they aren’t aging any more than any other ball club.

Interestingly, Bowden gave the Mets a C+ earlier this month prior to the Manaea signing and likely written before they added Harrison Bader as well. Would those additions have made a difference? Likely not in a positive way for this grade.

It’s definitely an interesting grading system with teams who’ve done nothing ahead or nearly even with the Mets. Does Erick Fedde and Martin Maldonado really land the Chicago White Sox a B?

An underdog status has always fit the Mets best. We've already seen them fail as a favorite. Let's see if they can make Bowden eat his words; if this aging roster isn't too busy eating at the early bird special breakfast.