2 reasons Max Scherzer hasn't been worth the money, 1 reason he has been

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NY Mets pitcher Max Scherzer has been worth the money because he's been mostly great when healthy

His faults have overshadowed the good, but when healthy, Max Scherzer has for the most part been very good.

In his 33 starts as a Met, Scherzer is 16-7 with a 2.67 ERA. A 2.67 ERA is a mark virtually anyone would've taken from Scherzer.

He's allowed one run or fewer in 20 of his 33 starts. Allowing one run or fewer in 60.6% of your starts is quite impressive, and most definitely ace material.

Scherzer has gone at least five innings in all but two of his starts as a Met (one of which he was pulled early for a foreign substance) and he's allowed four runs or fewer in all but three starts as a Met.

For the most part, when healthy, you're going to get something similar to a vintage Scherzer outing. He's going to give you six or seven innings and allow two runs or fewer most of the time. The Mets are 21-12 in his starts, and the offense is not the main reason why.