Luis Guillorme has taken spring cleaning too far and shaved his beard

New York Mets v Washington Nationals
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The New York Mets didn’t play a game on Monday but we did get warned about some important news about the team. They’ve made a cut—literally.

Nobody was designated for assignment. The team didn’t pull off a rare April trade either. According to Anthony DiComo, Luis Guillorme is going to look a little bit different during Tuesday’s doubleheader. He has taken spring cleaning a little too far. Guillorme shaved his beard.

The travesty! The great bearded one is going clean-shaven. Where can Mets fans direct their complaints? Think of all of the children growing beards right now whose emotions will be crushed to find out their hero has given up on his. All of those poor, innocent hairs ripped apart from his face only to be disposed of.

Mets infielder Luis Guillorme has shaved his beard before

You’re probably wondering: what will Guillorme look like without a beard? It’s like picturing Jacob deGrom with short hair or Noah Syndergaard in a Los Angeles Angels uniform. It’s unimaginable until it actually happens.

Back in 2018, Guillorme actually did tweet out a picture of his face sans beard and came out looking like T.J. Detweiler from Recess:

He did the same after the 2019 season, too:

You can kind of tell it’s him. You could also fool most people. Now would be the perfect time for Guillorme to tell people how he really feels about them. As long as he stays in hiding for a little while, he can get away with saying it was the non-evil twin who did it.

Guillorme’s beard is a huge part of his look. It’s what makes him, him. Next, we’ll find out he has traded in his soft-fielding hands for some rugged oil rig mitts that can’t field a groundball.

In limited action this season, has slumped. Going 0 for 12 in 14 trips to the plate, playing time has been sparse. Maybe shaving the beard will help him break away from the slow beginning.

We may get to see how he performs without a beard at least once on Tuesday. With two games on the schedule, he is bound to find his way onto the field. This time, it’ll be without the unofficial mascot of the Mets: Luis Guillorme’s beard.

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