3 lessons the Mets should take with them on this road trip

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The team needs to consider using their top prospects to help the bottom-of-the-lineup offense

Unlike the hitters at the top of the lineup, the rest of the Mets' hitters, not named Tommy Pham, have been left behind. Led by horrible production from Eduardo Escobar, the bottom of the lineup lacks productive bats.

While this is going on, Brett Baty, Mark Vientos, and Ronny Mauricio are exploiting the pitching in the minor leagues. The organization is running out of tools to justify that Eduardo Escobar plays above one of these three promises.

Another experiment that is not understood is that of the catcher position. Although Tomas Nido is the best defensive option, it doesn't make sense to call up your top prospect, to not give him enough turns at bat to adapt to MLB pitching.

Francisco Alvarez should be playing the most games at Catcher unless when Kodai Senga is pitching. This is because of the adaptation of the movement of Senga's pitches, like the forkball, where he needs a catcher who knows how to handle this type of pitching.

Injecting Alvarez, Tommy Pham and one of the three prospects mentioned above over Tomas Nido, Mark Canha and Eduardo Escobar, the bottom of the lineup would begin to showcase fresh bats with talent that would help produce more from a depleted offense. This is the course that the organization should take after the experience so far this season until today.

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