Howie Rose really doesn’t like Sunday night games

Atlanta Braves v New York Mets
Atlanta Braves v New York Mets / Chris Chambers/GettyImages

He is a broadcaster. They are a first place team. Could it be any more obvious? Howie Rose clearly wants to spend his Sunday afternoons enjoying New York Mets baseball.

Alas, that’s not what the MLB schedule makers had planned the day before Memorial Day. Instead, Mets fans got three straight night games against the Philadelphia Phillies with yet another one under the lights scheduled on Memorial Day versus the Washington Nationals.

It was a baseball day for Mets baseball, let’s play one at night

It’s unfortunate that Mets fans won’t get to enjoy a mid-70s day at Citi Field taking in the finale against the Phillies. Win or lose, it’s always a nice experience to go to the ballpark when the sun is out and not burning your flesh completely off.

For Howie Rose, it’s completely understandable, too. Night games have to be a grind. They don’t usually end until after 10pm and with the Sunday night broadcast on ESPN, it’ll probably end even later.

There are plenty of reasons to prefer day games over ones at night. Sundays most of all. When you see your team is playing on Sunday Night Baseball it usually means you won’t get the home team announcers. Instead, it’s the Alex Rodriguez and Friends Show.

Someone has to bite the bullet on Sunday Night Baseball each week. This time, it was the Mets. But why not one of the West Coast teams? A 7pm start on the East Coast is only 4pm for them. What a beautiful way to end a Sunday with a game over just in time for a late dinner or a night out with friends on a holiday weekend.

Instead, Mets fans will get tormented on Sunday night if they choose to watch the game on television. They can always flip on their radio dial or listen on an app—a personal preferred choice in this instances.

Howie Rose isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. And while his tweet was about as passive aggressive as it can get without blaming anything other than circumstance, we all know deep down inside he also feels the same way the fans do about the national broadcast.

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