2 Mets giving us hope, 2 others making us depressed

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NY Mets third baseman Eduardo Escobar is making us depressed

Escobar has upset fans from the start of the week-long seasonThis one might strike a chord with most Mets fans, and I don't blame them. Perhaps the player that has frustrated us most is third baseman Eduardo Escobar. From the start of the week-long season, Escobar has upset fans for two reasons. First, he has been awful at the plate, and everyone believes that spot should be Brett Baty's.

Escobar's first season with the Mets was mediocre at best. He hit .240 with 20 HR and 69 RBI. He was inconsistent throughout the whole season but had a big last month. We hoped he could continue that momentum into this season, but that has not been the case.

In 20 at-bats this season, Escobar is hitting .100 with no HR or RBI. He has been bad from both sides of the plate, and at this point, after being given a few games off, it's looking more like a platoon situation with him and infielder Luis Guillorme. Everyone has been asking for them to bring up Brett Baty, who should have made the team from the jump, and when you look at him raking in AAA Syracuse, it just frustrates Mets fans.

Escobar is a great clubhouse guy, and his teammates seem to like and gravitate toward him. However, his play on the field has been inexcusable, and if he doesn't turn it around quickly, he will be on the bench more often than not.

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