1 specific individual goal Francisco Lindor should have in 2023

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It is year three for Francisco Lindor in Flushing Queens! After a disappointing first season for Lindor as a member of the New York Mets, it was a major bounce-back season for Lindor as he hit 26 home runs this past season and drove in 103 RBI along the way and only missed one game the entire season. But it still feels like we have not seen the best of Lindor yet.

Let's not forget, before he joined the Mets in 2021, when he was a member of the Cleveland Guardians, Lindor was playing like one of the league's best hitters hitting 30-plus home runs in three straight seasons in 2017, 2018, and 2019 and was a silver slugger award winner in 2017 as well. So, can Lindor do even better this season as a Met? Here is why hitting 30 home runs or more should specific goal that Francisco Lindor should focus on this season.

Why hitting 30 home runs should be a main goal for Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor

As I said before, I still feel like Mets fans have not seen the best of Lindor yet in a Mets uniform which is crazy after the really good season he had in 2022. If he wants to be even better in 2023 and if should set one goal in mind, it should be hitting 30-plus home runs this season.

Lindor has not only done it before, but it feels like with the hot start of spring training he is having, there should be no question he can do it. He has hit the ball well all spring, already hit a couple of home runs, and at the same time set to compete in the World Baseball Classic. That kind of groove that he is in can definitely result in a strong year for Lindor.

Finally, Lindor will only get better and after the resurgence, we saw from him this past season after a poor showing in year one, many Mets fans cannot wait to see what he might do in year three. It will be exciting for sure to see it in 2023. If Lindor can continue to play better like he did last year and how he's performing in spring training thus far and at the World Baseball Classic, 30 home runs or more is certainly doable for Lindor.

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