Dominic Smith wants to play every day but he hasn't earned it

Apr 16, 2022; New York City, New York, USA;  New York Mets first baseman Dominic Smith (2) at Citi
Apr 16, 2022; New York City, New York, USA; New York Mets first baseman Dominic Smith (2) at Citi / Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Mets made the right decision designating Robinson Cano for assignment after he got off to a slow start following his year-long suspension due to a second failed PED test. They had a roster crunch and made the decision to release a clear liability.

With Cano's departure, that meant more at-bats for those who began the season on the bench, mainly J.D. Davis and Dom Smith. Davis has mainly played against lefties as the DH while Smith plays against righties. Neither of the two have looked great. Davis however, has hit the ball pretty hard while Dom Smith has just looked lost for the most part at the plate.

Smith had a four-hit game on Sunday Night Baseball against the Phillies on the night the Mets had to decide on that roster spot. Since then, he has just three hits in 26 at bats. Even with his struggles, Dom seems to think he should be playing more.

The DH spot in the Mets lineup should be occupied by whoever is hitting. The Mets should continue to do what they're doing until either Dom Smith or J.D. Davis gets going offensively.

In an interview with Anthony Reiber of Newsday, Smith echoed what he said in Spring Training, that he wants to play every day. He doesn't seem to care what team it's for, he just wants to play every day.

The Mets would benefit from 2020 Dom Smith playing every day. In the shortened season he was an extra-base hit machine, hitting 21 doubles, a triple, and 10 home runs. He finished 13th in the MVP balloting after taking Yoenis Cespedes' spot after he opted out of the season.

Once he took off in 2020, the Mets gave Smith every opportunity in 2021. He ended up hitting 20 doubles and 11 home runs. He had one fewer extra base hit in almost 300 more plate appearances. He simply wasn't the same hitter.

Smith had the same opportunity to replace a player who had a spot in the lineup, but he hasn't taken advantage at all. He has slashed .191/.280/.258 with no home runs and ten RBI. He has not hit a home run since July 21st of last season.

Smith is fortunate that J.D. Davis hasn't taken off yet either, because if he does then he won't get more than one or two starts per week.

Is it possible Dom will take off if he gets to play every day? Maybe. But he played every day last season and was not good at all. He had an 84 OPS+. This season he has a 60 OPS+ even with the decline in offense in the game.

Dom has not done much to help the Mets win in the last year and a half and I worry that will continue if he's upset about the lack of playing time. The Mets are doing the right thing by trying to win games. If Dom gets going offensively he will play more, it's pretty simple.

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