Immediate thoughts after learning Brett Baty, Mark Vientos were sent down

Mar 19, 2023; Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA; New York Mets catcher Francisco Alvarez (50) celebrates
Mar 19, 2023; Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA; New York Mets catcher Francisco Alvarez (50) celebrates / Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports

I’m watching Nope on Saturday night because everyone needs a break from baseball sometimes. I’m wondering what the monkey has to do with anything and why the sitcom set in the 1990s looks more like the 1980s when it happens. The New York Mets are sending Brett Baty and Mark Vientos to the minors.

I want to rage a little bit. Am I angry or has Gordy the monkey in the movie inspired me to reach my inner beast?

Instead of reacting quickly, I made a list of some thoughts once the movie was over. How was I feeling? I knew it was coming, but what does it all mean?

1) NY Mets need to play their prospects or just trade them already

The Mets are behaving timidly with their prospects. What’s the point of having good young bats whose major league clocks have already started ticking if you’re never going to use them? I understand the plan seems to be to wait until each is a little more seasoned and improved. How much better could Vientos really get? He’s the most logical choice to take over Darin Ruf.

2) NY Mets roster decision won’t cost them a World Series but it can be crucial in playoff positioning

Having Ruf or anyone else on the Opening Day roster isn’t going to cost the Mets the World Series. What it could do is lead to even just one loss in April that comes back to damage their playoff positioning. The Mets finished in a tie with the Atlanta Braves last season in wins which led to MLB looking at their record against each other to break it. Atlanta’s extra win put them over the top. While it didn’t matter because they were eliminated in their first postseason series, the bye is something that has its benefits. Ask Justin Verlander and his Houston Astros teammates last season.

3) NY Mets never had any intentions of starting one of the prospects

Why even bother having any sense of a competition if you have no intentions of declaring a legitimate winner? Baty earned his roster spot this spring. Our sense of justice is perverted by not rewarding him with a roster spot. It’s frustrating to see what a player can offer and the ball club holds him back.

Now we sit and wait for the inevitable. Someone needs to get hurt or play really badly for the Mets to make a phone call. Nobody enjoys rooting for an injury. Equally, no rational person can root against someone on the team. The young players will find playing time. Why delay it in favor of players who haven’t earned it?

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