It's time to believe in Mets magic

Cleveland Guardians v New York Mets
Cleveland Guardians v New York Mets / Elsa/GettyImages

Where to begin? The New York Mets have done it again, fighting back from multiple deficits to walk it off in the 10th inning last night against the Cleveland Guardians. It's incredible how the tone of a season can shift so quickly. A week ago the Mets were listless, and fans were futilely searching for answers. Now? The vibes are immaculate.

In keeping with that spirit, we're just going to talk about the good things, and boy were there a lot of them. It seems like the whole team had a part in this win. Francisco Alvarez got the Mets on the board with a home run in the 5th inning, then tied the game with a seeing eye single when the Mets were down to their last strike in the 10th. He scored the winning run minutes later, bounding home like a puppy with the world's biggest bone.

Alvarez wasn't the only one of the newly christened "Baby Mets" to come through. Brett Baty hit a homer and a double of his own, and Mark Vientos had a clutch single to get the rally going in the 10th after the Mets again fell behind by two. If it isn't obvious to everyone by now, it needs to be. These young guys are the real deal and need to be in the lineup as much as possible.

The addition of Baty, Alvarez, and Vientos to the Mets has completely re-written the team's DNA.

The veterans on the team have obviously fallen in love with the new guys as much as Mets fans have. Like a polar bear in heat, Pete Alonso nearly tore the dugout to shreds when the Mets were rallying. Brett Baty was the first to meet Francisco Lindor after his walk-off single. The whole group finally looks like a team. I've watched this video ten times and find something new to love every time.

The win had to be especially satisfying for Lindor, who had three hits, including the game-winner, in his first game against his old club. More than anyone on the team, when Lindor is playing well, it seems that his energy infects the entire group, lifting everyone up. Seeing him break out is a great sign going forward.

Somehow we've gotten this deep into the game and haven't talked much about Pete Alonso, he of the clutch walk off homer on Wednesday. You know what? That's on me. I'm hoping to have more room to speak on Alonso later this week, but for now let's go with this. I watch every Mets game, but when Pete is up to the plate, there can be no distractions. I was decorating my son's room for his fourth birthday two days ago and had the Rays game on my phone. When Pete was up, I stopped putting planets on the ceiling and gave him my undivided attention.

That attention was rewarded in a big way when he hit an opposite field grand slam to help the Mets finally equal the score at 7 in the 7th inning last night. Guardians pitcher James Karinchak looked like he'd been dropped in the polar bear enclosure at the zoo even before Pete mashed it over the wall, and who can blame him? This is why you listen to the signs and respect the animals at all times. Maybe Pete will get the Barry Bonds treatment in the future and get an intentional walk with the bases loaded.

Up until a few days ago, the biggest moments of the Mets season were roster moves. With two thrilling wins in three days now, the magic is back. The Mets are hoping that the weather cooperates today as they try to make it four in a row behind Max Scherzer. With vibes this good, rain might be the only thing able to stop this team right now.