All 9 Mets minor leaguers headed to the Arizona Fall League this year

Houston Astros v New York Mets
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The Arizona Fall League is usually a welcomed distraction for fans of teams who fall out of the pennant race early. New York Mets fans may not have noticed the rosters have already been announced.

This year, the Mets are sending nine players to Arizona to get in some extra work.

All 9 of the Mets minor leaguers in the Arizona Fall League 2022

These are the 9 players that will be representing the Mets for Peoria:

  1. Mike Vasil, pitcher (11)
  2. Grant Hartwig, pitcher (22)
  3. Stanley Consuegra, outfielder (23)
  4. Christian Scott, pitcher (28)
  5. Kevin Kendall, shortstop
  6. Troy Miller, pitcher
  7. Brandon McIlwain, outfielder
  8. Luke Ritter, infielder
  9. Franklin Sanchez, pitcher

In the past, the Arizona Fall League has been an opportunity for some of the most notable Mets prospects to take the field and get in some extra work. You may recall Pete Alonso smashing home runs several years ago out in the desert.

This year’s list of Mets representatives isn’t quite as deep. Could it be the league has changed or is the timing just not right for many of the top Mets prospects?

Several of the most important Mets minor leaguers have already reached MLB or are near it. Would a few extra at-bats really do Francisco Alvarez much good?

Nevertheless, three of the team’s top 30 prospects are headed there with Mike Vasil as the headliner. It will give all of them a chance to develop a little further and possibly set themselves up for next year.

Not a single one of these Mets minor leaguers are ready for the leap to the big leagues next year. While other teams do have a few players who fall into that category, that’s not the strategy the Amazins are implementing with the 9 players they are sending away for some extra innings.

The Arizona Fall League will also allow for potential breakout performances from any of these guys they’re sending. It’s a chance for them to shine with fewer distractions—aside from the obvious hope that the Mets continue to fight into the playoffs.

The Arizona Fall League begins on October 3 this year.

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