The Mets will have a new consensus number one prospect next year and this is who it will be

A crazy good year should have this Mets prospect in the running to be their top guy next year on everybody's list.
New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates
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New York Mets prospect Jett Williams took flight this season. Maybe the most-perfectly named player in all of the minor leagues, Williams graduated from St. Lucie after 79 games played and a .249/.422/.410 slash line. His 32 stolen bases and 69 walks vs. 76 strikeouts had a lot to do with the rise to a new level.

It seemed to be the right call as Williams was even better during his time with the Brooklyn Cyclones. Their regular season is now over with and he exits the year with the kind of numbers you’d expect could elevate him to becoming the organization’s new number one prospect in 2024.

Jett Williams has a case to become the top NY Mets prospect in 2024 on everyone's list

It’s not exactly bold to predict Williams, a shortstop who is transitioning into playing center field as well, can move up from number three to number one in the team’s system. According to, he just needs to pass Luisangel Acuna and Drew Gilbert. The pair of newcomers to the Mets organization are talented, but there’s something about Jett and it’s definitely not hair gel.

Williams wrapped up his 2023 regular season in Single-A slashing .266/.431/.461 with 13 home runs and 53 RBI. His far more notable contributions came in the form of 44 stolen bases in 51 attempts and 102 total walks. His year isn’t done quite yet as Williams has joined Acuna and Gilbert. 

Listed at 5’6 and 175 pounds, Williams is a slight-of-frame athlete who has taken advantage of what genetics gave him. Low center of gravity? Run faster. Smaller torso? Draw more walks.

It will be interesting to see how the Rumble Ponies use Williams upon his arrival. Gilbert has played mostly center field since he joined. Acuna has been at shortstop. A switch for Gilbert to a corner spot or Acuna to second base solves any issue of aligning the three defensively.

The Mets farm system feels especially loaded right now because they’ve graduated youngsters Francisco Alvarez, Brett Baty, and Mark Vientos to the majors already with Ronny Mauricio recently joining them. Alvarez held the title of top prospect for a while before he had enough major league at-bats to exit. Can Williams become the newest number one addition by the start of next season?

There are certain tools you can’t teach. Size is one. Speed is another. Williams lacks the former but has oodles of the ladder. While pitchers and catchers may eventually figure that part of him out, his eye at the plate is especially intriguing. Far too many young talented hitters just can’t figure out the strike zone. Williams has mastered the walking part. Now it’s just time to cut down on a few of those Ks.