3 musts for the Mets to take a step forward in 2024

Miami Marlins v New York Mets - Game One
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The Baby Mets take a step forward and new rookies emerge

One exciting factor of the Mets' 2023 season was their youth, specifically the "Baby Mets." Some youngsters, in particular Francisco Alvarez, Brett Baty, Mark Vientos and late in the season Ronny Mauricio, had menaingful playing time for the Mets this season. All provided exciting moments but at the same time were unable to find consistency at the plate.

For these players, taking a step forward needs to be a primary concern during the offseason. All have potential - look at Alvarez, who was third on the team with 25 home runs, even though he went a month without hitting one and was not doing anything at the plate. If he is able to build on this and be consistent, who says he can't take a step forward? The same has to be said with the other youngsters. Baty, Mauricio and Vientos all boast power and the hope is they can become day-to-day features in the Mets lineup.

Additionally, the Mets were able to bring in some exciting prospects at the trade deadline, including Luisangel Acuña and Drew Gilbet. All provided highlights for the Mets' minor league teams throughout August and September, and if they are able to continue this, a new manager might want to look at them in the big leagues. The Mets with no doubt bolstered their farm system and youth production could be huge for the team come 2024.

Whether it is from the youth that have already seen the big leagues playing more consistently and putting up better numbers or the new additions capitalizing on their opportunities, it provides offensive potential for the Mets in 2024 and beyond.