3 moves the New York Mets should make once the lockout ends

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If you're a New York Mets fan manifesting the MLB and MLBPA putting their petty differences aside so we can enjoy our favorite team in 2022, raise your hand. 

MLB is in a lockout, which has now put the start of Spring Training in jeopardy. This is devastating for the fans, but especially for Mets fans who had been riding the Steve Cohen spending wave with a glee that hasn’t existed….ever? 

Can we all take a second to collectively thank Steven Matz’s agent for lighting an unquenchable fire under Uncle Steve? It’s one that led to the Mets signing Mark Cahna, Eduardo Escobar and Starling Marte in a 24 hour span and making Max Scherzer the recipient of the highest annual salary in baseball history. 

And while Mets fans were basking in the glory of the richest owner in baseball, the sense around the league and the fanbase was that Cohen and new general manager Billy Eppler weren’t done. Weren’t done?! After spending $254M in contracts, the Mets could still spend more? Also, is there anyone who still wants to compare Steve Cohen to the Wilpons?

The Mets could put themselves in serious contention in 2022 by adding to their roster

What else could the Mets do? Sign Kris Bryant? Add Carlos Rodon? In this new Cohen-universe, anything and everything is possible. There’s still some noticeable areas of improvement to be made on the roster, but there are three moves in particular that could set the Mets up to make their first legitimate run at a World Series since 2015. 

Here are the three moves the Mets should make this offseason, whenever baseball ends this lockout.