3 Mets moves we’d like to see if David Stearns comes over from the Brewers next year

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A new approach in the direction of the Mets toward more player development

The combination of Steve Cohen and David Stearns may become the MLB thing starting next season. Cohen has been emphatic about how he intends to retain as much talent as possible with the approach of developing it and making the team sustainable, and this is precisely one of Stearns' best skills.

From his arrival as GM to the Milwaukee Brewers at the tender age of 30, Stearns recited the mantra that would guide the organization moving forward: "to acquire, develop and retain the best young talent in baseball." It is evident how this system made the Brewers one of the most sustainable and successful organizations in baseball in recent years.

The Mets organization has been quite good at drafting talent but has had trouble retaining or developing this talent. Yet Stearns, who worked with Houston Astros GM Jeff Luhnow as his assistant, has an enormously powerful resume that relies on talent identification and development.

The free agency model adopted by the Mets has not been successful this season, and Billy Eppler has been unable to acquire good players via trade. Stearns would focus on a more sustainable system in the team where he would enhance the talent that he can contribute to MLB and change those that would not be as relevant, you only have to look at the Christian Yelich trade to get an idea of ​​the genius of this MLB executive.

With David Stearns making the relevant decisions regarding the directions the team should take regarding baseball operations, the team could develop more sustainably and competitively in the future. Sometimes off-the-field decisions and strategies have a bigger impact on organizations than simply signing a top market player or doing a blockbuster trade.