5 most shocking transactions in Mets history

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NY Mets sign free agent Max Scherzer to the highest AAV deal in team history

Remember when I said ownership matters a lot and how it can swing a team’s fortunes? Well, we’re seeing it firsthand under Steve Cohen.

In only his second offseason as owner of the Mets, he gave free agent pitcher Max Scherzer a record-breaking contract. It set a new high as the largest average annual value in the history of the game. This was the kind of move an owner that wants to win it all makes.

If we’re going to be honest, I don’t think anyone expected Scherzer to sign with the Mets. We can cite a variety of reasons for this. Maybe New York wasn’t his thing. Maybe he was a little too old or a little too costly for them. Whatever you used to explain your lack of anticipation, you were with us all.

When the Mets did sign him, it came as a huge surprise to everyone. Seriously? Pinch yourself. You’re not dreaming.

Scherzer won’t get a chance to become one of the all-time great Mets pitchers because of how long he’ll end up staying with the ball club. That doesn’t mean his impact will be forgotten. Signing him was as symbolic as it was valuable to winning. The Scherzer signing showed the rest of the league how serious the Mets were about winning.

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