3 ways this year's Mets team secured themselves as the most disappointing in franchise history

Los Angeles Dodgers v New York Mets
Los Angeles Dodgers v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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Yes, the New York Mets have been playing a lot better as of late and now have more wins in the month of July than they had in June. So, maybe their luck is finally turning around and they are back to being the team we thought they would be entering this year. But, this Mets still have a lot of ground to make up in the NL East and to at least make a Wild Card spot and for most of the season, have been a disaster to watch.

There have been so many inconsistencies with this on both offense and defense and with careless miscues on defense that have cost the Mets multiple games. Blame can really go all around the team. So as we approach the dog days of Summer, there have been three biggest takeaways from this season so far that have cemented the 2023 New York Mets as one of the biggest disappointment seasons in franchise history.

1. The Mets were never serious NL East contenders

When the Mets entered 2023, they were again favorites to win the NL East and as they should. If you have players like Pete Alonso, Francisco Lindor, Jeff McNeil and pitchers like Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander on your team, you expect to win lots of games and be a clear cut favorite to win your division right? Unfortunately, the Mets not only find themselves out of first place, they're nowhere the division leading Atlanta Braves.

As it stands now, the Mets are in fourth place in the NL East behind the Philadelphia Phillies and the Miami Marlins, yes the Miami Marlins. They're as far as nearly 18 games out of first place while this time last year, had a comfortable first-place lead. They just have not been competitive and played well in divisional, especially the Atlanta Braves.

They have only one once out of the six games the Mets and Braves have played against each other, with three of those six losses happening in a single series against Atlanta as they blew at least a three-run lead in all three of those games. That series pretty much proved that New York is not on the same level as the Braves and they're nowhere near as talented. The Mets have also had difficulties against other NL East rivals like the Phillies for example as yes they have won four out of six this season. But one of those two losses happened in a bullpen meltdown on June 25 blowing a three-run eighth-inning lead. The Mets simply have not been as competitive in the NL East as they were last year.