Mets Monday Morning GM: How does the Starling Marte tenure end?

Will Starling Marte make the full four years of his contract with the Mets?
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Option Two: What do the Mets do with Starling Marte in the offseason?

Assuming he stays and no one is foolish enough to take on Marte in any capacity, the Mets will need to consider swapping him for another bad contract or designate him for assignment. The latter seems a bit extreme given the fact he isn’t a zero on offense. Marte can still hit in doses. His outfield range has diminished and yet he can swipe bags at a high level.

The Mets can’t keep trading away guys while eating the salary. That’s no way to behave especially when, as we saw this winter, it got in the way of making some moves. We’re fortunate J.D. Martinez’s asking price took a nosedive. Although, if it hadn’t, there’d be an obvious opening for Marte as a more regular DH option.

This alternative timeline wouldn’t satisfy. The issue is how many years Billy Eppler signed him to and how each season the 162 game schedule pounds him harder.

There is no fully satisfying ending for Marte in the offseason because of the money tied to him. Not a peep of a rumored trade made its way publicly over this last winter. In which case, if they’re stuck with him, what role can he have?