Mets Monday Morning GM: A growing case against trading Ronny Mauricio

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Ronny Mauricio is no longer as prized of a New York Mets prospect possession as he was even a year ago. It seems like at the end of every season, new draft picks or international signings pass him on the rankings. Is it because they’re actually better or Amed Rosario remains fresh in our minds?

Ever since the Mets acquired Francisco Lindor, it has seemed like Mauricio has been a trade chip for the ball club. It’s still true. What has changed is that Mauricio is becoming a whole different kind of hitter.

Mauricio didn’t hit for much power at all in his first two professional seasons. Still a teenager at the time, it was in 2021 when at High-A Brooklyn he hammered 19 home runs in 420 plate appearances. It continued into 2022 with even better overall results.

The case against trading Mets prospect Ronny Mauricio is growing

The Mets do have openings for Mauricio. Shortstop is blocked. Third base has hardly been secured by Brett Baty long-term. Second base, even with Jeff McNeil staying put for a few more years, remains an option.

Something the Mets lack is outfield depth. This has been a minor league absence for several years. Other than Alex Ramirez, there isn’t anyone right now who looks like he could be a major league starter in the future.

The idea of moving Mauricio to center field has been a thought the same way it was for Rosario. The Mets never did play their former shortstop out of position. There is nothing to suggest they’ll do differently with Mauricio. He has done nothing but play shortstop for them in the minor leagues. This offseason in the Dominican Winter League, however, he is seeing some action at third base. He's also hitting moonshots.

Third base is one option if things with Baty don’t work out. Second base could be more realistic. McNeil has proven he can be a competent outfield bat. Mauricio continued to smash baseballs sthis past year, adding another 26 home runs and 89 RBI to his ledger. He also stole 20 bases and improved his slash line of .248/.296/.449 up to .259/.296/.472.

There are holes in Mauricio’s game. Plate discipline is something he lacks. It was one of the factors holding Rosario back during his time in New York. It’s this early minor league pop at only 21 which should have us intrigued.

The Mets can trade him away this winter but will more likely hold on and see what he can do at the next level. The 2023 season can be all about witnessing what he does in Triple-A. He’d be a good bench player at the very least. Second base, third base, or somewhere else, it’ll be hard to chase off someone we know has potential and is now showing a different set of skills.

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