Mets Monday Morning GM: Mark Vientos adds fuel to existing roster questions

An already tight Mets roster is getting tighter with Mark Vientos playing hero on Sunday.
Apr 28, 2024; New York City, New York, USA;  New York Mets third baseman Mark Vientos (27) hits a
Apr 28, 2024; New York City, New York, USA; New York Mets third baseman Mark Vientos (27) hits a / Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

A big walk-off home run off the bat of Mark Vientos on Sunday helped to completely change the mood of the New York Mets. Two rather weak losses to the St. Louis Cardinals with an awful day from Francisco Lindor on Saturday highlighted the first two games.

Lindor redeemed himself with a solo shot to tie the game. It was Vientos, whose sudden call-up on Saturday was only temporary to replace Starling Marte for his time on the bereavement list that ended up as the one wearing the cape at the end.

Now 3 for 4 at the plate and with some of his typical gaudy Triple-A numbers, Vientos only adds fuel to an already ignited fire surrounding the club’s DH spot. J.D. Martinez made his debut on Friday and isn’t going anywhere. The team chose to keep DJ Stewart over Zack Short. Is there room enough for all three?

Could the Mets actually consider keeping Mark Vientos on the big league roster when Starling Marte returns?

Vientos isn’t going to take too many DH at-bats away from Martinez. What he can do is possibly take them from Brett Baty. The team’s starting third baseman has been on a cold streak. After leading the team in hitting for much of the season, he has suddenly dropped down to .256. He’s just 5 for his last 29 with a single extra-base hit in 11 games. A day-to-day injury limited him recently and could be one of the causes for the decline.

Baty hasn’t been quite as sharp defensively either as he was early on. While vastly improved and regarded more highly than Vients as a third baseman, the slumping bat versus what Vientos has shown should have the Mets at least consider a swap.

There is a certain element of pick your poison here when it comes to the emotional aspect. Vientos shouldn’t be punished with a return to Syracuse. But do the Mets want to extinguish Baty’s confidence?

The only other roster move they can make is to DFA Joey Wendle and as deserved as it may be he is the only guy they have on the bench who can play second base or shortstop. He’s not going anywhere.

Some may consider this one of those “good problems” to have. Vientos should have a chance to start on Monday against the Chicago Cubs based on what Carlos Mendoza had to say after the game.

Vientos and Baty could make a solid platoon. Vientos has been the one to pinch hit over the last two days. Baty could very well end up doing the same if the situation came for him. 

Unfortunately, the roster is tight and there just isn’t room for both of these young players right now. Someone’s feelings will get hurt. For them, it’s not one of those “good problems” to have.